Time is money, which is why we believe that our readers have better things to do than roam around the internet looking for product reviews that are accurate and unbiased. Product reviews that you don’t know who wrote them and who they are getting paid by. Or whether or not they even tested the products or whether they are just using information from other sites to put up as their own content in order to make money off of the work of others. People simply have better things to do when it comes to product reviews, and that is what we are here for.

For more than 10 years we have been in the business of giving readers accurate product reviews on most portable products and giving them our seal of approval. A seal of approval that must be earned and product reviews that are not paid for by anyone. A true labor of love, we do this so our customers can make educated decisions about where they are shopping and what they are shopping for. Sure, there are a numberĀ of sites that have been in the game longer. That may have a more established reputation, but if you look at their advertising revenue, you might begin to question why they are saying the things that they are saying.

Are there a number of products made by one company that seem to be getting good product reviews while similar products from other companies are getting negative reviews? Heck, even Amazon, the number one outlet for online shopping knows that there are people hired by or part of a company that are paid to review products. So even if there is one good review and a bunch of bad reviews, how do you know who is getting paid and who is not getting paid? Or are people from other companies there to write negative reviews about products of other companies.

You just don’t know what’s out there

There is no easy way to tell what reviews are real and what reviews are not real. So what you need is a site where everyone is on the same page and the reviewers have exclusive access to the products that they are reviewing. We are not paid by anyone and we are the only ones, the ones who have tested the product with our bare hands to comment on the product. You can be sure that we are purchasing these products with our own money and reviewing them without anyone over our shoulder. What we say is what we believe about the product and what we hope our customers will find useful.

In a world where there is so much fake information out there, you can be sure that what we have to offer is an unbiased review of products as well as consumer reports that will let you know about any potential recalls on popular products or any scams with companies or products that may help you avoid making mistakes when it comes to purchasing said products.