About Us


We are a review site that has been giving people the best product and service reviews for as long as we have been a company. For more than 10 years we have been reviewing products from a variety of different industries and using our ties in the consumer world to get the scoop on the best products and services as well as what to buy and when to buy it.

Since then we have been using what we have learned as a way to connect with our customers and show them that there are still ties that are not beholden to anyone and that can give honest reviews to customers. Today, it is impossible to see what is real and who to trust because there are so many different online sources.

What we do for our customers

Is give our solemn promise that the information that we give is the best to our knowledge. That we are not paid for our reviews and when it comes to portable products, that nobody has more experience and unbiased information regarding them. In a world that has not much to offer by way of honesty, we are the light in darkness, able to give people the best information possible and able to give them the best information available.

See the difference and see that some companies are still all about giving people the best advice rather than getting profits. We are a company that stands by what we say and believes that customers deserve more.